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My new livejournal account~!

So yeah... i'm finally made this livejournal account so i can be the real Johnny's fangirl hehehe. I just a newbie fans tho but i work hard to keep an eye, catch attention to them~! Even though it's a bit hard because nowadays my real life (esp school life) is such a cruelllllll. Oh gosh.... i even always sleep late every night~ even tho it's not a new thing to me #slapped

Haik! I'm a koukousei desu. So yeah... this journal is belonging to a puberty high scool girl. So if there's a random things in my journal you can ignore it haha. Even tho i think i will not always post in this journal... haha. Oh and also i warning for some bad English'-'

I love JUMP! Especially Inoo, Hikaru, Daichan, Chinen, Yuto, Yabu, Yuya, Yamachan and Keito. Oops.. it's all member... #slapped. Okei sorry for the random, yeah i love them but my Ichiban is INOO KEI. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE HIM. And my ot3 are TakaNooBu♥ i love the hilarious trio HikaDaiNoo too hehe.

I also love AKB48 and all of the sister group. I adore Matsui Rena the most hehe~♥ Even tho she will graduate.. (;___;) But Yukirin who suddenly announce the new relationship with *ehem* Tegoshi Yuya, is currently catch my attention. Even tho maybe there's a bit 48fans who have livejournal its okei~ This was just a random share because i adore them fufu~

Maybe it's enough from now. I would like to friends with another tobikkos around the world. Especially Inoo ichibanners, but i like to friends with anyone hehe. And also 48fans~! Let's fangirling togeher~!! (>.<)/~~ And because i'm a newbie, i would like to gets advices from all senpai~ hoho. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~~

Oh btw... Today's August 17th so, Happy Independence Day~! Also, congrats for the 70th years since the World War 2 ended~~~~ Keep the Love and Peace~~♥
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